PlayStation Move for a Cause

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Today marks the first PlayStation Move Starter Kit we’re giving away here on PlayStation University. As some of you may already be aware, we plan on giving away three of these starter kits before the month is up. The next giveaway will be Monday, September 20th and the final is on September 27th. When I originally planned this giveaway, it was going to just be something special we had planned for the community, however, due to a recent tragic event, I’ve decided to change up the way we’re going to do this giveaway.

Some of you may not have heard, but earlier this month the gaming industry lost a great designer, but more importantly, a great man in a car accident. Brian Wood, lead designer on Company of Heroes with Relic Entertainment, was taken from his wife and unborn child after being hit by another driver under the influence of narcotics. Wood sacrificed himself by turning away from the oncoming vehicle in order to protect his family. To read more about the incident, please click here.

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In light of this terrible news, I’ve set up an account on PayPal in order to receive donations over the course of the three giveaways in order to raise money for the Brian Wood Memorial Trust. Those who donate will receive 3 extra entries into this giveaway and will also be donating to something that matters. If/when you donate, please leave your name below (first name, last initial) in the comment section that the donation was made under so that I can do this appropriately and make sure that you receive your 4 total entries into the giveaway.


The giveaway will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube 5 days from now in order to ensure complete fairness and to prevent any accusations of “fixing.” For those of you who choose not to donate, that’s fine. You can feel free to enter below, free of charge and still have an opportunity to win the PlayStation Move Starter Kit.

This giveaway will run until Thursday night at 11:59 PST and the video should be uploaded to YouTube by 5 Pm PST on Friday evening. In order to enter, just leave a comment below and if you choose donate, the button is located below.

The giveaway is open to all resident of the world with a valid mailing address…this includes you Zimbabwe!

Readers Comments (49)

  1. Really good idea, is there a minimum you have to donate to get the extra tickets?

  2. No minimum, whatever you’d like to contribute.

  3. Can we not pm? Don’t really want to put real name on public view. Or can you donate as a made up name?

  4. You could just type your First then first three letters of your last or something.

  5. Ok well I guess I’m the only Giancarlo on the site so that will do. Donated, good luck all that enter.

  6. Yeah guys, if you don’t want to put your full name on display…just do first name, last initial.

  7. Sad news to the family wish I could donate but I don’t use paypal so best of luck to them. The guy was a true hero. Anyways enter me in for the playstation move.

  8. When I 1st heard about what happened to the guy, I thought is was tragic, seems like something out of a movie. The guy must have been quite the loving parent /husband.

  9. I want to donate so bad but I don’t get paid until Friday. I guess all I can do is enter.

  10. SJ… The option to Donate will be available for all PS Move giveaways this month.

  11. It was a very dissapointing day when it happened. You will always be remembered Brian. I would like to be entered in the draw. Thank you.

  12. I just gave $10, although my PayPal is still under my mom’s name for some reason. Either way, I’m just donating for the sake of doing so.

  13. That is sad though, it really is. Enter me into the contest

  14. My prayers go out to the family …

    Enter me into the contest also pls


  15. very sad story, i sadly do not have pay-pal but my thoughts are with the family. Please enter me into the contest please. i think its great that you are trying to raise money for a justified cause.

  16. at least his wife is looking at whats best for the baby.

  17. Man, Brian Wood was quite a guy. This is a great thing you’re doing. 🙂

  18. I’d love to donate, but I do not have a PayPal account. Is there another way I can donate? As a father I know about sacrifice and what he did for his family shows what a true man will do for his family. My condolences to his wife, unborn child and family. I pray for them and wish them the strength to deal unfortunate tragedy.

  19. I will donate today and would like to enter the contest. I had heard about this a few days ago on the Today show and saw Erin’s interview this morning. Very sad story. I had not connected the dots about Brian being the lead designer of one of my favorite video game series. My wife is also pregnant so the story hit pretty close to home. My condolences to the family.

  20. Great idea. Hope I can donate, here’s my entry anyway though.

  21. By the way, my name is Daniel Rodriguez. I saw that you require the name for the donation.

  22. Entering in the drawing!!!!!

  23. Please enter me x 4, as I donated as well.

  24. very sad indeed. entering in the drawing btw

  25. Enter me in the contest. Also donated some Paypal, but it’s in my mom’s name.

  26. Well here’s my entry. Terrible news but it’s good your doing this for a great cause. I hope you receive many donations. Best of luck to everyone!

    Nathan P.

  27. Donated 5 bucks; hope that will help.

  28. Just Donated, hope it helps, This is a great way to raise money for a great cause!……I work as a full-time firefighter/paramedic, and have heard the word “hero” before myself…..however I don’t feel it’s fitting, because I’m just doing my Job……Brian went out of his way to save the lives of his wife and his unborn child…he is a real hero……
    Jeff M. Chicago, Il.

  29. Justin Stackhouse September 13, 2010 @ 16:25

    Here’s my entry, it’s great that your doing this for the family, I hadn’t heard this story before now.

  30. Dean, I will definitely be donating even if it doesn’t help my chances in winning.

  31. well done!♥

  32. Another death cause by drugs.
    This kinda downed my mood. Consider this my entry.

  33. It is incredibly sad to see someone pass because of others mistakes. I have donated.

  34. This is a fantastic idea. Best of luck to the family. Donated.

  35. Condolences for the family :(.

  36. how did you know he was a game designer?

  37. It’s a sad story and my heart goes out to the family, I will be donating as soon as my credit card is cleared but this is my entry for now

  38. I’ll try to donate over $70 but I refuse to enter this contest.

  39. This is a sad story. Very heroic of him to sacrifice himself for his family. I will pray for his loved ones.

    I’d like to enter the contest. I don’t have any money in my PayPal right now but I will donate when I do. I hope a lot of money is raised.

  40. entering the contest.

  41. here’s my giveaway post 🙂

  42. Entering the contest.
    Very noble to have protected his family.

  43. I would donate, but know you and I do not see eye to eye on a lot of things posted here or other communities which pretty much excludes me from ever having an equal shot at winning these contests

  44. prayers go out to his family. Great idea to get donations through the contest, enter me in, might be able to paypal some dough later in the month.

  45. Times like this is where I kinda wish I had a PayPal account.

  46. id realy want to donate but i just bought a psp go yesterday, and i my walet wont be fed until next week
    i gues im just entering

  47. We wish the family well.

  48. Donated, i doubt i even win, i heard this news on sxephil but didnt know much, so sad =(

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