PlayStation Move for a Cause

Today marks the first PlayStation Move Starter Kit we’re giving away here on PlayStation University. As some of you may already be aware, we plan on giving away three of these starter kits before the month is up. The next giveaway will be Monday, September 20th and the final is on September 27th. When I originally planned this giveaway, it was going to just be something special we had planned for the community, however, due to a recent tragic event, I’ve decided to change up the way we’re going to do this giveaway.

Some of you may not have heard, but earlier this month the gaming industry lost a great designer, but more importantly, a great man in a car accident. Brian Wood, lead designer on Company of Heroes with Relic Entertainment, was taken from his wife and unborn child after being hit by another driver under the influence of narcotics. Wood sacrificed himself by turning away from the oncoming vehicle in order to protect his family. To read more about the incident, please click here.

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In light of this terrible news, I’ve set up an account on PayPal in order to receive donations over the course of the three giveaways in order to raise money for the Brian Wood Memorial Trust. Those who donate will receive 3 extra entries into this giveaway and will also be donating to something that matters. If/when you donate, please leave your name below (first name, last initial) in the comment section that the donation was made under so that I can do this appropriately and make sure that you receive your 4 total entries into the giveaway.


The giveaway will be recorded and uploaded on YouTube 5 days from now in order to ensure complete fairness and to prevent any accusations of “fixing.” For those of you who choose not to donate, that’s fine. You can feel free to enter below, free of charge and still have an opportunity to win the PlayStation Move Starter Kit.

This giveaway will run until Thursday night at 11:59 PST and the video should be uploaded to YouTube by 5 Pm PST on Friday evening. In order to enter, just leave a comment below and if you choose donate, the button is located below.

The giveaway is open to all resident of the world with a valid mailing address…this includes you Zimbabwe!

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  1. Donated, Thomas G

  2. It’s sad to hear about these things. The worst part is knowing no matter how safe you are, you still have to worry about the others who aren’t.

  3. I … have no words for it.
    All because of the actions of those 21 year old girl, a family has been destroyed.

    Anyway, I donated with all I had left on my paypal (which, unfortunately, isn’t much).

  4. I forgot to put my initials from the donation.
    Bram M

  5. That’s a story that makes me sad and mad all at the same-time…Donation from Dave W. sent.


  6. I wish I had something in my paypal account to donate, Brian was a great guy and I would like to help out. Someone throw in a few extra dollars for me plz.

  7. So sad.


  8. Justin D, donated.

  9. Your awesome

  10. Your amazing

  11. would like to enter the contest 🙂

  12. My prayers will go to his family and I hope he can R.I.P.

  13. I’ve just donated. God bless you 😉

  14. that sucks, it sounds like that kid is missing out on having a good father

  15. i just donated but i put the wrong email for my last comment

  16. ok, so I can post here in the comments and I’m still entered ? will still send a small donation to charity. This man is fucking awesome. kinda makes me sad that I know people that drink and then drive.

  17. I wish i could donate at the moment. =(

    this will be my entry. =)

  18. victorgodamnsullivan September 15, 2010 @ 17:56

    RIP Brian, and condolences to the family.

  19. Goodluck to everyone. This is a very sad story. Gamers unite.

  20. I can’t donate now but my sincere condolences go out to the Wood’s family.

  21. Read the story at the time – hit home as I am same age and just had a kid – thanks for giving us a way to donate

  22. Tried but didnt do anything will try again later, god bless

  23. Alright guys — going to try to have it up tonight (winner selection)…if I can’t get it done in time, it’ll be up tomorrow… 😉

  24. I just donated what was left in my PayPal. Not much but it’s something for a good cause! Best regards to the family and friends of Brian Wood.

    Thanks for this opportunity to win as well!

  25. Do we know who won?

  26. Yeah I want to know!!!

  27. Relax guys — Tomorrow night we launch Giveaway #2 for a 2nd Move Starter Kit… I’ve decided we’re going to announce the winner tomorrow night at the start of the second giveaway 😉 We’ve had multiple people donate yesterday and today, so I wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to enter since it’s all for a good cause…

    All of the Moves are in house.

    😉 Expect winner to go up with the entry article into tomorrow’s giveaway…

  28. sweet thanks dean!

  29. I donated just now, don’t know if I’m too late for the comp but that doesn’t really matter. Arnar A

  30. Great, thanks! I was just wondering if we knew who the lucky winner was.

    Yesterday, I got a bit nostalgic about Company of Heroes and played for a while. The fun never ends…

  31. Really cool idea, I didn’t know the guy but I’ve only heard good things, a real loss 🙁

  32. Should have this done within the next little bit.

  33. Congrats to Hero!

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