Sony announces new SKU; price drop at Gamescom?

We’re not sure when it was announced or if Sony plans on announcing it this week at Gamescom, but is listing a brand new SKU for Sony’s slim console. The newest SKU, which will sit alongside the video game giant’s other multiple SKUs, is the 160GB Slim model that will obviously replace the current 120GB. The 160GB model is being released at $299.99, which happens to be the same price point as the 120.

The 160GB model is also being offered in two bundle forms. The first being with God of War III and an extra controller for $404.99 and the second being an accessory bundle which includes an extra DualShock 3 and Bluray remote for $379.

Considering these price points, it could be reason to believe that Sony is planning to drop the current price of its 120GB model to $249.99 or perhaps an even crazier $199.99. As many of you are aware, the company recently started turning a profit on the PS3, so such an early price cut might be hard to believe. In the end, this could all just end up as a new SKU, with the 120GB model being phased out entirely.

We’ve sent an email off to Sony to find out what the situation is and hopefully we’ll get word back.

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  1. TraumaticTighearnan August 16, 2010 @ 17:01

    “which happens to be the same price point as the 120.”
    Typo much?

  2. @TraumaticTighearnan: I don’t see a typo. He’s saying the 160GB SKU will cost $299.99, which is what the 120GB SKU costs now.

    In any case, since you can use any HDD on the PS3, does HDD size really matter now?

  3. I don’t get this: there is already a 250gb version available here in Belgium for 299 euros.

  4. edit: the above is wrong, i was mistaken.

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