[UPDATE] The $50 PSN “Critter Crunch” Giveaway

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I bet you’re thinking to yourself — Is this guy on drugs, Critter Crunch is only $6.99! Well, to answer your questions, partially. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you are correct and Critter Crunch is a steal at the measly price of $6.99. The problem is, we don’t just have a copy of Critter Crunch available for your consumption. Oh no. We also have a $50 PlayStation Network card (Thanks to forum member Noxia) to give away as well.

That’s right — So you can either go home (or stay at home if you’re not reading this at work) and enjoy Critter Crunch or a $50 PSN card that you can use to purchase Critter Crunch and a slew of other titles. This should come in handy if you recently made the switch to the PSPgo and you need some content to keep you busy!

The details to this contest are simple…

1. You can enter from anywhere in the world, but realize the card is only good on the North American store.

2. We take no liability if you happen to be eaten by a Critter while playing

3. To enter this contest is going to be MIGHTY difficult.

Due to #3, you’re probably thinking, “Great, another contest I have to work at to win.” Don’t worry, I was only joking. This contest is pretty easy to get into and to win (if you’re the only guy entering of course).

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To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what you would buy with the $50 PSN Card. That’s it. Pretty simple right? I thought so.

Winner will be chosen at random and the runner up will receive a voucher code for the cuddly cute Critter Crunch.

Enjoy guys and tell your friends (or don’t if you want a better chance of winning!).


1. Aika ($50 PSN Card)

2. UMGAWA (Critter Crunch Code)

Please send me a PM on the forum to collect your prize.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. I would buy Critter Crunch, no idea what it is but it sounds interesting, then I’d probably grab Bewjewled 2 and Zuma and possibly some other games that arn’t availale on the UK store

  2. I would buy some games for a PSP GO I plan to buy soon.

    Probably GTA VCS and LCS (if they are already on there or are coming)

    And The Warriors (If that is added[I hope it will be]{its my favorite PSP game})

  3. If i won a $50 PSN Card… i would buy

    Siren Blood curse Silent Hill and stuff for Home just in time for Halloween. I could have two games that scare the shit outta me and pimp out my pad for the dude… “ladies” on Home!

    Also Critter Crunch scares me too but in a Gremlins sort of way. 🙂

  4. I would buy Critter Crunch, some Little Big Planet dlc, Zuma (one of my all time favorite games), Flower and Marvel vs Capcom 2. This is what i would get if i got the $50 PSN card.

  5. fat princess, wipeout hd and the DLC, um the map packs for MW2 when they come out, and save some money for any uncharted dlc. would also buy some LBP costumes but they are region locked.

  6. I would buy critter crunch of course and a few PS1 titles such as Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy

  7. First off, I’d buy critter crunch and then with the remaining credit i’d buy all the psn games i’ve always wanted to pick up, mostly the ones that haven’t been released on the Australian PSN store.

  8. Well, I would make sure to get my NY Giants jersey in PS Home then I would really like to buy A Ninja Turtles game my nephew wanted and also get Gran Turismo!

  9. critter crunch… PS1 classics… and fallout 3 DLC 😀

  10. I would probably get Critter Crunch and definetly use the rest to buy Gran Turismo PSP

  11. If i won it i would get flower , zombie apocalypse and Killzone 2 map pack bundle .

  12. if i won i would buy games for my psp go such as pixeljunk monsters deluxe and patapon, maybe tetris aswell.

  13. If I won the $50 PSN card, I’d give it to a friend who doesn’t have a credit card and wants to update his PSP game collection.

  14. I’m still deciding but it looks like I’ll have to get more psp games. If I chose now, I’d probably get Critter Crunch, Pixeljunk Monsters Deluxe, TMNT Turtles in Time Re-Shelled, and either Zen Pinball or the Little Big Planet Metal Gear Solid DLC. I might spend the rest on either DLC in the future or the LBP Dynamic Theme. Sony’s gonna leave me broke by the end of the year if I don’t get this, as I’m sure others are too.

  15. I think i’d buy Flower, wipeout pure dlc, lbp theme, some lbp dlc, pixel junk monster, FF8 psx , megaman 9 and some Buzz dlc

  16. I would buy a few PS1 classics. I’ve been dying to play MGS ever since it was released.

  17. Critter cruncher of course and i want to get gt prologue and save the rest toward maybe a movie or save for a surprise later coming to psn

  18. wipeout HD
    fat princess
    and sace the rest for upcoming uncharted 2 and modern warfare 2 dlc

  19. i would buy critter crunch, marvel vs capcom 2,command and conquer red alert commanders challenge, gunstar heroes, tmnt turtles in time re-shelled, and a shack boy skin or two with whats left over =)

  20. DeadlyAnGeL91792 October 12, 2009 @ 06:36

    i would buy a bunch of psn classics and socom.

  21. If I was to win I would have to pick up Burn, Zombie, Burn!, The downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles and Fallout 3, also if there was any left over would try and pick up a Pixeljunk game. Yet to have played one.

  22. i would buy megaman 9, marvel vs capcom, fat princess, and wipeout hd and if i still have some money buy pikle junk shooter

  23. Nad The Inhaler October 12, 2009 @ 06:51

    I would buy a shed load of stuff for the PSP I’ll be receiving shortly & if there is anything left I’d buy all the crap from Home I like the look of but could never justify spending real money on

  24. What I would buy with a $50 PSN Card?

    Well, I would definetly buy Resident Evil since I’ve been dying to play that game ever since I got Resident Evil 5

    Then I’d buy the Metal Gear Online expansion packs because I was getting kind of bored of that game.

    That’s $30 right there, wow!

    Anyway then I would buy the Wipeout HD Fury expansion and with $10 left, I would get Resident Evil 5’s versus expansion.

    The final $5 I would leave to save up

    Good thing you guys are giving Critter Crunch otherwise I would be $1 short 🙂

  25. I would buy anything interesting on the American Store that doesn’t come to the UK one.

  26. I would probably buy some PS1 games for my PSP or maybe just some regular PSP games.

  27. I would buy a few psn games like Flower, wipeout, fat princes and some ps1 games like final fantasy 7, and crash bandicoot.

  28. if i had a $50 PSN card I would finally be able to buy Marvel vs Capcom 2!!!….I could finally get some classics that I ahve been wanting forever….because my ps3 doesnt have backward campatablility…….plus classic games are a good way to start my little seven year old brother on …..you know instead of games I usually play….

  29. What would i buy? well, echochrome for a start then, worms, then FFVII and probably MGS1. Not sure if 50$ covers all that, but id expect t to 😀

  30. If I win, I will buy Flower, Fat Princess, and Braid when available.
    I will save the rest for Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition DLC next year.

  31. I would use the money to buy the killzone 2 maps and the little big planet dynamic theme. I always wanted to play those killzone 2 maps!

  32. Battlefield, Fat Princess, and Digger!

  33. Fat Princess, Eagles Jersey for Home, Critter Crunch, Flower, and maybe a couple classics.

  34. I would buy:
    -Fat princess
    -Killzone 2 map packs (will do recherche on this before buying)
    -Wait for shadow of the Collosus available to download on the psn store (hopefully !)
    -And add ons for little big planet ! =D

  35. Forgot to mention !
    maybe final fantasy 7 and uncharted 2 dlc

  36. I’d buy Fat Princess and whatever else met my fancy.

  37. I’d buy all 3 map packs for World at War.

  38. I would but critter crunch and wait for little big planet psp to spend the rest of the money on that

  39. i would buy Call of duty World at war Map pack 1 and 3 , Fat Princess (loved the demo) , Zombie Apocalypse.
    Thats pretty much it.

  40. I would buy some dynamic themes, FFVII, FF Tactics, MGS Solid, and BF 1943 for sure.

  41. I would buy FFVII, whipeout HD and some LittleBigPlanet costumes.

  42. 50$ psn card…

    I would buy FF7, Flower, and Burnout.

  43. I would help out Sony by buying all the exclusive game on the network
    then try out a few dinamic themes and other games that i wanted to play i.e FatPrincess

  44. A 50$$$$ PSN card giveaway??

    If I win, I’d get the following.

    1. Zombie Apoc
    2. Year One (unrated)
    3. Wipeout HD

    If I have enough but If I dont then I’d just replace Year One with that toy car game, forgot it’s name.

  45. 1. Critter Crunch
    2. Fat Princess
    3. R&C Quest for Booty
    4.Wolfenstein 3D

  46. Hmm,
    1. Zombie Apocalypse sounds good
    2. Any expansion DLC for Fallout/GTA4 and anything else coming out
    3. Let my g/f choose a game so she’s happy that I’m playing all the new stuff 😉

  47. i would buy silent hill wild arms 1&2 spyro 1&2 and dlc for any game i have

  48. I would either

    1.Buy Critter Crunch and Burnout Paradise or
    2.Buy DLC For Fallout 3 and COD5/Killzone 2

  49. I would buy fat princess and wipeout, and the add on. I would buy ratchet and clank!
    I would get all the call of duty WAW add on packs and I would get all the fallout 3 DLC. I know I have gone over $50 but there’s so much I want?!!?!?!?!

  50. I would:
    Rent Wolverine Origins
    Buy Uno
    Buy Flower
    Buy Final Fantasy Tactics
    Buy Fat Princess

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