[UPDATE] The $50 PSN “Critter Crunch” Giveaway

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I bet you’re thinking to yourself — Is this guy on drugs, Critter Crunch is only $6.99! Well, to answer your questions, partially. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you are correct and Critter Crunch is a steal at the measly price of $6.99. The problem is, we don’t just have a copy of Critter Crunch available for your consumption. Oh no. We also have a $50 PlayStation Network card (Thanks to forum member Noxia) to give away as well.

That’s right — So you can either go home (or stay at home if you’re not reading this at work) and enjoy Critter Crunch or a $50 PSN card that you can use to purchase Critter Crunch and a slew of other titles. This should come in handy if you recently made the switch to the PSPgo and you need some content to keep you busy!

The details to this contest are simple…

1. You can enter from anywhere in the world, but realize the card is only good on the North American store.

2. We take no liability if you happen to be eaten by a Critter while playing

3. To enter this contest is going to be MIGHTY difficult.

Due to #3, you’re probably thinking, “Great, another contest I have to work at to win.” Don’t worry, I was only joking. This contest is pretty easy to get into and to win (if you’re the only guy entering of course).

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To enter, leave a comment below letting us know what you would buy with the $50 PSN Card. That’s it. Pretty simple right? I thought so.

Winner will be chosen at random and the runner up will receive a voucher code for the cuddly cute Critter Crunch.

Enjoy guys and tell your friends (or don’t if you want a better chance of winning!).


1. Aika ($50 PSN Card)

2. UMGAWA (Critter Crunch Code)

Please send me a PM on the forum to collect your prize.

Readers Comments (50)

  1. Type your message here…

  2. I own a lot of PSN games but i have fallen a bit behind recently… I would buy:
    1. Critter Crunch
    2. Zombie Apocalypse
    3. Lots and lots of RB2 songs 😀

  3. I’m from Europe, and there’s a lot of stuff on the American store that’s not available here (I got a US acc for downloading demos and stuff earlier) so I would have a lot of use for it.

    I would buy a lot of stuff really, smaller stuff. For example, there’s a lot of PS1 titles not available on the EU store. Also, I’m buying a PSP very soon for the first time so I’m getting a lot of those titles that I’ve missed out on. (Yeah I know, not that specific…)

  4. i would buy:
    the 3rd KZ2 map pack
    critter crunch
    savage moon
    zombie apocalypse

  5. With a $50 PSN card, I’d probably pick up DLC for Burnout, LBP and Rock Band. As for games, probably TMNT for nostalgia.

  6. I would save the $50 PSN card for when DLC comes for Uncharted 2.

  7. If its on the american PSN, I would probably buy:
    Critter Crunch
    Metal Gear Solid 1 as thats not yet available on the EU store
    Maybe a Qore episode or two
    A few dynamic themes (not the softcore porn ones though)
    Wipeout HD and Fury
    And most probably Warhawk

    I’d say that would definitely add up to $50.

    Also, I would promise not to spend ANY of it on home virtual furniture, because come on! £2 for a virtual dog ornament!? no thank you.

  8. I would buy Critter Crunch cause it looks fun and also the DLC for Fallout 3
    and i haven’t had the chance to get it and i have been
    waiting for it since it was first announced

  9. I would buy add ons for hot shots golf, and probably save the rest for when I get my psp go in december.

  10. I would buy


    And save the rest.

  11. WestCoastR3DUBZ October 12, 2009 @ 14:04

    With the $50 psn car i would buy coolboarders 3 and hopefully 3xtreme comes out, and bloody roar of course and a whole lot of more ps1 classics as well as family guy!

  12. lol. Why would you spend a $50 PSN card? I’d display it in a trophy case and savor the fact that I beat all those bast—

    I mean all those delightful Playstation University members.

  13. I’d buy critter crunch, and loads of the PSN/PSOne games that SCEE don’t see fit to put on the European stores

  14. I’d buy Warhawk and Burnout Paradise

  15. Critter Crunch, Resident Evil 1, Wipeout HD, Pain, Fallout 3 DLC, and keep whatever money’s left for the Uncharted 2 DLC.

  16. Wipeout HD seems great and some Wild Arms

  17. I would use the card to buy KZ2 map packs, Wipeout HD with fury add-on, and some PSone titles

  18. i would buy pixel junk game, the fallout dlc, a bunch of ps1 classics, elephunk and almost everything from the top downloaded section lol ESPECIALLY WIPEOUT!!!!

  19. 1. killzone map packs
    2. battlefield 1943
    3. critter crunch
    4. zombie apocalypse
    5. marvel vs. capcom
    6. rock band tracks

  20. I’ll buy a whole lot of Rockband songs, there’s the new Alice In Chains 3-pack that I’ve been meaning to get.

  21. if i were to win this, as a new PS3 owner i would have to get some of the really fun games. Like Warhawk, fat princess, battlefront, some add ons for war hawk and LBP and probably some PS! titles that i would be able to get.

  22. id buy critter crunch (mom might like this), digger hd, crystal defenders, soldner x, and worms (old fan ;3)

  23. I would buy a ton of PSN games that I don’t have. PSN games like Fat Princess, Wipeout HD, Crash Commando, Super Stardust HD, Flower, Burn Zombie Burn, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix, etc. But I would $20 for the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 Map Packs. =D

  24. DLC for Fallout 3 and some ps1 classics

  25. ill buy crash bandioot 1 ratchet quest of booty and warhawk

  26. kz2 map packs and soul calibur iV DLC, resident evil 5 DLC

  27. fat princess
    Critter Crunch
    wipeout hd and more

  28. I’m in California , I would def buy ps1 classics such as silent hill and resident evil dc 🙂 and maybe some family guy hopefully they come with the new star wars edition 😀 !

  29. I would get:
    1.Critter Crunch
    2. Some stuff for my “home”
    3. marvel vs. capcom
    4.battlefield 1943

  30. i would purchase the motorstorm2 adrenalin and speed pack, and final fantasy 7

  31. 1. Critter Crunch
    2. Fat Princess
    3. Battlefield 1943
    4. Dead Space Weaponry

  32. – Everyday Shooter
    – Silent hill
    – Final Fantasy VII
    – Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
    – Metal Gear Solid

  33. Forgot to add Critter Crunch lol

  34. I would buy a bunch of outfits for my guy on PS Home. Something to make this old gamer man (48) to look a bit younger. LOL

  35. If I’m lucky enough to win this…I’d get Critter Crunch along with a ton of Rockband songs & Little Big Planet stuff. Mostly, what everyone up there has already said. =)

  36. with the 50$ psn card i would buy:
    -critter crunch
    -littlebigplanet mgs-pack
    -pixeljunk monsters + encore
    -pixeljunk eden encore
    -mgo expansion packs
    -whatever else there is that is worth to play

  37. $50

    Well first things first… i would work out how much that is in British pounds.

    Next I would buy Critter Crunch as I would love to have it but it’s not available in the UK at the moment!
    All my avatars, signatures and even my Zune HDs wallpaper have been changed to images of Biggs (from Critter Crunch) in anticipation for the game =(

    Then I would wait… I would wait for great line up of PSN games coming this year. Games such as PixelJunk Shooter and Gravity Crash would be at the top of my list.

    Then…. hmmm, maybe some premium avatars IF WE EVER GET ANY!!!!

    That’s the sensible answer… now for the rest.

    With a $50 PSN voucher I would end world hunger and cure the world of all it ills. I would provide shelter for the homeless… put my (non-existent) kids through University and fix the ozone layer.

    Good enough? =D

  38. With a $50 PSN Card, I would buy Fallout 3 DLC’s Broken Steel, The Pitt, and Mothership Zeta, Pixeljunk Monsters and ofcourse, Critter Crunch. 🙂

  39. i would buy:
    the 3rd KZ2 map pack
    critter crunch

  40. Hmmm only the best game ever like:
    Critter Crunch
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Burnout DLC
    Battle Field 1943
    Hell Yea !!!!!
    no i hope i win

  41. oh n pixie junk monsters hell yea !!!!!!!!

  42. with 50$ playstation money i would get ….
    1. UNO because its my fav card game DUH
    2. Worms
    3. Home Clothes ( aviator glasses)
    4. and some ps1 games cause i am gettin a psp go. most likely GEX 3, i used
    to play that game forever wen it came out on the ps1 but i missed placed it.

  43. ooh critter crunch if i have left over cause i dont know how much that stuff costs.
    i usually dont buy anything off the ps store

  44. I would give the card to my son, who would buy…
    Marvel vs. Capcom 2
    Burnout Paradise content
    MW2 map packs

  45. I would buy flower, burnout and valkyria dlc and quest for booty

  46. I would buy Modern Warfare 2 DLC maps when they come out and DLC for whatever other game i also buy this holiday season or maybe save the rest for another purchase in the future therefore no need to enter the next contest someone else could win. (maybe check out a psn game like flower or something. Or if they ever come out with TV’s and Stereos in home like they were supposed to buy those. After all of this i would still have change left.)


    Nah, but I would buy the remaining Fallout 3 DLC, FFVII, some more PS1 games, the Mirror’s Edge DLC, Flow, hmmm … It would be quite the day … Actually, Wipeout HD still beckons … But so does Warhawk … And 1943 … And MGS1 … GAH!

    Meeeeeeee! xD

  48. Hmm.. I think I would get Qore, Switchball and some PS1 games that the EU store still hasn’t got yet!

  49. 1. Flower
    2. Savage Moon
    3. LBP Dynamic Theme (its just too damn adorable not to right??)
    4. Pixeljunk Monsters (an oldie, but never got to buy it 🙁 )

    and ill save the rest for Pixeljunk Shooter and Trine!

    and if i still have enough, then FF VII and perhaps if i have more…..MGS!!!!

  50. 1. new dynamic lbp theme
    2. critter crunch
    3. pixel junk games
    4. flower
    5. ps1 classics

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