ModNation Racers Beta Code Giveaway

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On December 18th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to redeem a code on the PlayStation Network allowing them to download the public beta for ModNation Racers. Since its unveiling at E3 2009, ModNation Racers quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of the entire show. Mixing the Play. Create. Share. genre with the fun racing style of cart racing, United Front Games displayed a title that should bring families together and creative minds out of the woodshed much like LittleBigPlanet has.

There are a couple of ways you could have landed one of these limited beta codes. One way was to purchase a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 while the other was to sign up on an official Sony website and pray that you were selected. However, thanks to ModNation Racers Community Manager, Russell Ramone, MNR fanatics can now get their grubby little hands on a beta code right here at PlayStation University!

That’s right — We have tons upon tons of codes to give away and we’ll be running the contest until December 17th at 11:59 PM CST. At that time, all codes will start to be emailed to the winners to enjoy when they wake up on the 18th (most will probably enjoy it after skipping work to check out Avatar though, right? Lol).

How to enter for a code is easy and takes 2-3 steps.

1. Go check out our ModNation Racers screenshot gallery and pick your favorite screenshot.

2. Link to it in your comment below.

3. Let us know why it’s your favorite screenshot or why you’re anticipating that portion of the game.

Winners will NOT be chosen at random. Winners will be chosen based upon your answers and how they appeal to us!

If you’re looking to win other free stuff here on PlayStation University, be sure to check out our User’s Choice Awards for the chance to enter and win games, DVDs and CDs!

Good luck to all!

Readers Comments (49)


    That is probably my favorite image, just look at the height that little guy can get to !! I also heard you can perform stunts with the right analogue stick when you are in the air in order to refil your boost meter which is pretty cool.

    I love shot because it shows off how massive the tracks can be and THE DUDE HAS A STICK OF DYNAMITE STUCK IN HIS HELMET THAT’S AWESOME!!! lol. Anyway the size and detail of the tracks really appeal to me as I often played mario kart on my wii and dreamed of making my own tracks only to discover that a highly detailed game was being released for the ps3 (which is now my primary console) that specially caters for track creation,it’s literally a dream come true.Big fan of LittleBigPlanet and nearly have all the dlcs so i didn’t buy GOTY edition but was actually contemplating it just for the beta code but now this opportunity is here.I’d love to see this game give Mario Kart competition as it has been sitting on that high and mighty kart racing throne uncontested since Crash Team Racing,Crash Nitro Kart and Crash Tag Team Racing (yeah i played and complete all those big kart racing fan.Thanks in advance Dean and thanks United Front Games for letting PS3 owners take a shot at true kart racing


    I chose this one because of the fact that you can make tracks so easily and fast and also have fun while doing so! It’s the definition of making tracks with an ease. I’m so looking forward to this game!


    The level of customization in this game is unreal. Not only in the tracks, but also in the character skins. Incredible.


    That’s my favourite image. For whatever reason it reminds me of the blue things in James Cameron’s Avatar, except he’s green, I like the thing, and I am eagerly anticipating the product’s release. (before seeing the film) Avatar for the lose!


    Love this one…looks like he’s saying “does this car make my butt look big?”

  7. Type your message here…


    I picked this one because i like the factr that you could already have a preset skin, and the fact that there are loads of them makes the game look amazing. With this many options, it only looks capable on a ps3’s blu-ray disk.


    this is my favourite image because you can see the sun shinning in the sky and it is so beautiful. In race games everything is so fast and you can not see how beautiful or not is the track. On this image, for a second, you can see all.


    I picked this one becuase It shows some of the character customization, I love when games ultimataley have customization so you can play it sort of your way you know.

    Overall it looks to be a great game.


    i picked this one because this is what i will do to anyone who get’s in my way =].

    That’s my favorite screenshot because it just looks really fun and the visual animations look amazing. I would like to be in this beta because it looks really fun and has the potential to be a lot better that its similar competitor (mario cart). I wanna help the dev’s with the bugs the game might have or glitches and share my ideas with them and let the, know how i think the game can improve. This game really brings back the kid in me, looks way to fun and with the power of the ps3, I know this game will be amazing.


    I really like this one since you can change the suspensions of the cars!

    Riding slow and low!

    Imagine things you could create with this!


    I like the lighting in the background and the action shot of the missile in air.


    i like this image because, at the end, what i like of games like Mario kart or crash team racing is the fights against friends, it is very funny and we spend a lot of time playing and lauguing with this Games and i hope to do the same with modnation racers. And if it is possible Soon as posible with a beta voucher. Thanks in advance for the opportunity and good look for everybody.

    i picked this one becuase you can see how big the whole level is and still knowing that it only toke a few minutes to produce such a level and the dynamit in the helmet can let you see how deep they will go with the charakter custimuztion
    cant wait fore this game we need more kart games on the ps3


    This is my favorite picture. Since this is a kart, I have a basic idea of how how the gameplay is going to work. Kart racers is one of my favourite genres and I think I have an idea about the gameplay of this game. Whats interesting about modnation racers is its customization. After sony created the genre “create & share” with little big planet, I liked the idea. This picture shows me how easy creating tracks in this game. Regardless wether I get the code or not, I will buy the game. But, I would like to try the beta. thank you


    I love this because it shows the amount of air you can get in this game…I mean look how high the car has gone, you can see the whole of the map, so looking forward to this game


    this is my favourite picture as i cant wait to make some huge jumps with the track editor , huge jumps FTW!!


    this is my fav picture because its simply awesome, i mean look how high up he is. and i cant wait becuase its going to be a very good game, and I want to just create some tracks and race with people on there (mainly i wnt to pwn coma who has his beta in part due to me)


    who wont like soaring through the skies showing off your pimped out car with your best customized person.The mountains and the greenery also adds to the sanctification of beating other members and showing your car off. This game look every exciting just from the picture.

    The red undies says it all. Is the character creation limited to only male characters?

    this one shows how big the track is, even do only a part of the map is shown, it also shows how big you can make a jump
    and because the the track looks amasing
    cant wait to play


    Esta toma esta Genial por da conocer el nivel de personalizaion de los vehiculos ademas de sus mutiples opciones para crear lo que tu imaginacion desee, espero con ansia este titulo ya que no existe muchos juegos de este tipo en la PS3


    this is my favorite screenshot because it defines what the game is going to be like, which is mario kart on steroids

  26. the reason iv chosen this screen shot is because the best thing about this game is going to be the track’s going to be awesome


    This is my favourite screenshot. He`s such a show off and the 2 mod racers on the left seem to agree.

  28. Good luck guys, amazing that posts like this get more then 20 replies and useful news posts get 2-3 comments, awesome right? No… 😛


    This got my wife interested in the game. Videogaming with the wife FTW!!


    For reasons not completely clear, this pic reminds me of Crash Team Racing a LOT. And I absolutely loved CTR back when I was a child. And I still love it. No kart game has won CTR yet, and I’m hoping MNR will be a good opponent.


    I chose this picture. I just think it’s pure awesome and looks like a lot of fun.
    Hopefully we will be able to perform stunt tricks like in that picture. 🙂


    there are a few reasons why i picked this pic
    it shows how creative you can be with not only the cars but the driver skins as well. and 2 look at the hang time and the look on the other drivers faces classic stuff

  33. I love this one.
    I’m going to spend just as much time creating multiple avatars as tracks or cars. I’m so getting this game!


    I Like this because i am looking foward for car customization and see if it can do better than LBP


    I like this screenshot because it really shows how amazing ModNation Racers will be, because it shows amazing customization in cars and all the amazing design you can have!

    This one is my favorite just because it shows how much attention to detail there is in this game. Everything from the cracks in the road to the buildings to the trees. It doesn’t look very bland at all which is a big plus for me. Once I learn a track I like to have nice things to look at while I carve each corner. That’s always nice having outside of the track items to use to help line yourself up for that next corner. I don’t think many people play this way but hopefully the few that read this comment will now have a better strategy for the next time they play a racing game!

  37. seeing how overthetop the custimization is, its good to see how overthetop the gameplay is also! let this game bd as fun and epic as LBP!!!


    The reason I like this photo the most is because of the look of the tunnel 😛
    It somehow reminds me of TrackMania which I still play alot, and this game is kind of a in-debt cart version of TM

    On a close second is this one:

    I thought I’d mention this one too, just because it’s awesome.


    I picked this one because it reminded me of what I see every morning when I look in the mirror.


    I picked this because I like how Two-Face is shooting 2 small missiles from a yellow sports car. Usually you see him driving a Van.


    I chose this picture because it gives you a good example of the amazing tools that Modnation Racers has to create things. I am so excited to be able to make my own track and racer. All the videos I have seen about Modnation Racers has shown me that there are endless amount of possibilities for user to create whatever you want. I am very excited about this game and I hope I can get the opportunity to try it out early in the Beta.

  42. i picked this screenshot because it shows how cool this game is in its nice cartoony graphics an feel its customization on car and your unique player and also 2 nice missles cruising along , please pick me as id love to try this . play create share for the win


    I really like this one because it reminds me of Mario Kart. This is gonna be the next Mario Kart! Gonna be awesome!


    When i was a kid i used to love scaletrix, and this photo reminds me of a souped up version of this, kind of like Scaletrix on acid. I just can’t wait to play this game.

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