ModNation Racers Beta Code Giveaway

On December 18th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to redeem a code on the PlayStation Network allowing them to download the public beta for ModNation Racers. Since its unveiling at E3 2009, ModNation Racers quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of the entire show. Mixing the Play. Create. Share. genre with the fun racing style of cart racing, United Front Games displayed a title that should bring families together and creative minds out of the woodshed much like LittleBigPlanet has.

There are a couple of ways you could have landed one of these limited beta codes. One way was to purchase a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 while the other was to sign up on an official Sony website and pray that you were selected. However, thanks to ModNation Racers Community Manager, Russell Ramone, MNR fanatics can now get their grubby little hands on a beta code right here at PlayStation University!

That’s right — We have tons upon tons of codes to give away and we’ll be running the contest until December 17th at 11:59 PM CST. At that time, all codes will start to be emailed to the winners to enjoy when they wake up on the 18th (most will probably enjoy it after skipping work to check out Avatar though, right? Lol).

How to enter for a code is easy and takes 2-3 steps.

1. Go check out our ModNation Racers screenshot gallery and pick your favorite screenshot.

2. Link to it in your comment below.

3. Let us know why it’s your favorite screenshot or why you’re anticipating that portion of the game.

Winners will NOT be chosen at random. Winners will be chosen based upon your answers and how they appeal to us!

If you’re looking to win other free stuff here on PlayStation University, be sure to check out our User’s Choice Awards for the chance to enter and win games, DVDs and CDs!

Good luck to all!

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    This is one of my favorite screens cuz it shows that there is no limit in creation and i cant wait to express myself in this game and show what i can bring to this game! 🙂 (sorry my english.. express?) ..yeah i know the time is up but i wanted to make a comment anyway ^^ and i really wanna try the beta.


    I like this screenshot the most because it shows the capabilities of the track creator. I anticipate this portion of the game the most. It is the reason I want the game. In the screenshot it shows the person making a lake. My idea is to make a underwater level just for fun. I would like a code to try it out. Plaese give me a code!!


    This screenshot is simply the best. It shows how a simple track can look stunning, and also shows the detail that can be applied to areas away from the track. The screenshot captivates how the track can be modified, with a sneaky shortcut. The terrain looks great aswell.
    I really want to play this game and be a part of the beta. It would be great if I got it!
    Cheers, your all awsome! 😀

  4. I was wondering if I could get a code because you said you had a lot but yet their are only a few comments
    This is my favourite because it shows how simple and fun creating a track can be!


    I’m going to be honest, I like this screenshot the most because if you look at it from far away it looks as if the Mod is a giant and he’s running over all of the houses. 😀

    What I’m anticipating the most about this game is the creative nature to it. Just like LBP, I can’t wait to hop on and see what other ideas people have put into their maps. This game also shows a benefit that the PS3 has over the 360: Hard Drives in every console. They wouldn’t release this on the 360 because it would piss off too many Arcade model users that buy the game and find out they can’t even play it. I hope most games in the future promote creation like this. It’s the future of gaming.

    And let’s be honest, Mario Kart was one of the most fun split-screen multiplayer games over the past few decades. I got Mario Kart on the SNES for Christmas when I was a little kid, I got it on the N64 for Christmas a few years later, I eventually got Double Dash on the GC. I used to love Mario Kart… and this game takes influence from Mario Kart which is a good thing. : )

    Remember how much publicity LBP got? Remember all the magazine editors and all those types of people that fell in love with it? This will be a great exclusive franchise for the PS3, just like LBP was. This is exactly what the PS3 ordered.

  6. By the way, I didn’t even notice this contest was over. LOL

    That’s my thoughts on the game though. Anyone else agree with me on the huge potential this game has? Mario Kart + LBP = Win?

    If you guys still have any codes, I’d appreciate it a lot if you guys e-mail me one of them. I’m bored with all of these online FPS games and I’m ready for some arcade style kart racing action. 😀

  7. isaac macdonald December 20, 2009 @ 23:16
    i love this screenshot the most because since when has a game had so much creativity that you could design your own character with one eye and veins running through its body this picture just show how deep the creation tools are in the game. this game has the best creation tools i have ever seen it so deep and i just love that please let me have a code


    I chose this screen shot because,although the rest were also good (but every thing is good on this site) this one shows the length of character customization in this game and how amazing just the beta is so pls send me a code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    P.S heres my credit card 545-344-2234 and if i get a card u can have $5000

  9. this beta is awesome

  10. Hey guys, just type: F316 8UQS 9PBT into ps store. 2st person to type it in gets the beta!!


    i like this screenshot because it reminds me of the sackboy customisation from LBP and i cant wait to do it with racers from Modnation racers

  12. plus its the next best thing to mario kart the playstation could hope for. and if done well could even be better? play, create, share is a great new genre that can only get better. I just really think it would be awesome to customise my racer to look like superman or something. who would of thought it could be possible to race in a kart as superman when he could clearly run faster then them all. but then again thats where the novelty lies in a game like Modnation racers and i want the chance to experience it first hand. peace


    This is my favorite because it shows the customization. You can change things in defiantly, so it will not be the same over and over.


    I like this picture a lot because it shows how far the customization goes. Noses, helmets, etc are incorparated. It gives a feel of Little Big Planet meets Nascar!

  15. I like this picture the most becouse it shows alot of creativ fun and you can see the map, player (made by your self), the car and a lot more. thats why I like this picture the most.


    I like this picture the most becouse it shows alot of creativ fun and you can see the map, player (made by your self), the car and a lot more. thats why I like this picture the most.
    (forgot the link) #15 is mine too 😀


    I like this picture because it just shows you how easy it is to make your own race track like in little big planet, but i think there is more customization in ModNation Racers yet it is as fun as mario kart but has action for teenagers and older. Thats why i like this picture

  18. xDark-Seba-PRx February 3, 2010 @ 19:00

    I like this screenshot because, of what I can tell about it, its has 1st, 2nd and 3rd places wich means competition and I love competitive creative online games…Thos characters are original made by owners i guess I also like that and I like all the trailers I have seen of ModNation: Racers.
    I would really want a BETA Code of this game.

  19. The car is pimped out the in the game you can make your own track/car. online raceing looks cool.if you could pleas give me a code

  20. reporthacker June 5, 2010 @ 08:29

    This pic because who ever created the cowboy cow is very good. Plus the kart as well has that old fashion look to match with the cowboy cow mod.

  21. hey if anyone still have any codes for modnation racers i will buy them off of you email me at and we will talk about price

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