ModNation Racers Beta Code Giveaway

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On December 18th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to redeem a code on the PlayStation Network allowing them to download the public beta for ModNation Racers. Since its unveiling at E3 2009, ModNation Racers quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of the entire show. Mixing the Play. Create. Share. genre with the fun racing style of cart racing, United Front Games displayed a title that should bring families together and creative minds out of the woodshed much like LittleBigPlanet has.

There are a couple of ways you could have landed one of these limited beta codes. One way was to purchase a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 while the other was to sign up on an official Sony website and pray that you were selected. However, thanks to ModNation Racers Community Manager, Russell Ramone, MNR fanatics can now get their grubby little hands on a beta code right here at PlayStation University!

That’s right — We have tons upon tons of codes to give away and we’ll be running the contest until December 17th at 11:59 PM CST. At that time, all codes will start to be emailed to the winners to enjoy when they wake up on the 18th (most will probably enjoy it after skipping work to check out Avatar though, right? Lol).

How to enter for a code is easy and takes 2-3 steps.

1. Go check out our ModNation Racers screenshot gallery and pick your favorite screenshot.

2. Link to it in your comment below.

3. Let us know why it’s your favorite screenshot or why you’re anticipating that portion of the game.

Winners will NOT be chosen at random. Winners will be chosen based upon your answers and how they appeal to us!

If you’re looking to win other free stuff here on PlayStation University, be sure to check out our User’s Choice Awards for the chance to enter and win games, DVDs and CDs!

Good luck to all!

Readers Comments (50)


    This pic says it all: Play. Create. Share.
    In this screenshot, You can see how amazingly simple it is to create while playing! This makes players enjoy building and editing tracks rather than thinking of it as a chore that nobody will appreciate. Check out the tools displayed on the screen, they help the player create a complicated track layout without any hassle! People are gonna want to create tracks just for fun! (people like me lol). The simple, yet deep controls bridge the gap between casual and core gamers, finally. (get ready to play some MOD NATION with me, Grandma!!! bet my track gets a higher online rank!)

    Because of the epic Online ranking system (akin to LBP), players will be able to see what others think of their custom tracks!

    Can’t Wait for this killer app to come out!!!!!!

    I choose this screen because it shows how great the scale and how fun the game will be. doing amazing huge air jumps , creating, sharing playing. It ‘s one of my most anticipated title of 2010.
    It has so much potential to inovate and be the most innovating racing game of this generation consoles.

  3. I chose this picture because it reminds of the first time the game was unveiled and the presenters created a functioning track within 5 minutes. I thought the way they designed the creation tools was brilliant. I cannot wait to design tracks and race them with friends and other people online. I think the creators of the game have a real winner on their hands and I hope to be a part of it by being in the BETA.

    i chose this because it represents LittleBigPlanet which i love for its creation , and represents Track Mania which i lived on the PC with mates, knt w8 for mario karts too (oh yh LBP+ track mania / mario karts = AAA GENiusssss MM small kompany MiLLionDOLLAR ideas …. )

  5. I really like this picture. Theres nothing like the great outdoors; the smell of pine, the birds chirpping, scenic landscapes, the smell of rocket fuel burning and the sounds of your opponents squealing as you launch another rocket into their tailpipe.
    Plus the guy with the nails in his head reminds me of my Grandma in some sweet way. Rock on Grandma and see you on the track!

    I really like this picture. Theres nothing like the great outdoors; the smell of pine, the birds chirpping, scenic landscapes, the smell of rocket fuel burning and the sounds of your opponents squealing as you launch another rocket into their tailpipe.
    Plus the guy with the nails in his head reminds me of my Grandma in some sweet way. Rock on Grandma and see you on the track!

    Sorry double post… crying on my keyboard, Sorry!


    Screen reminds me of Go-Karting as a kid. I was the fastest out of the block because I was a featherweight. Love the reflection in the helmet and the shiny steel rims.

    I chose this picture because thats exactly what my screen will look like. Cant wait to be out in front kicking some but in MNR. Weve needed something like this since mariokart.
    Thanksfor the chance


    I chose this picture because it reminds me the kind of track I want to build. Stormwind City. I’m a huge fan from WoW and Mario Kart, so this game is just a revelation to me. Thanks for giving the opportunity.

  10. I love this picture

    because : A) It has a guy with nails sin his head B) Beautiful Lush Background
    C) There is a Rocket In there d) its cart racing πŸ™‚

  11. is my favorite. I know it’s the first on the website, but that’ snot why I chose it. I’ve done GUI design for many years (search for xino on deviantart or wincustomize). It’s always been a dream of mine to design a paint job for my car. Unfortunately due to my limited income currently, that dream may never come true. This game however let’s me live out one of my dreams, even if only in digital form. I love this idea and I can’t wait to start designing my many vehicles!!


    This picture just shows how fun the game will be. I love how you will be able to do stunts, and take your other opponents out kinda like Mario Kart. Modnation looks like a mix between Mario Kart and LPB, and that is just an epic win! Hope I get it. =)

    after the death of timesplitters future perfect’s online i have been looking for the next game to get all my friends pumped about playing together. this picture shows the awesome customization for your character…i mean come on look at that guy, thats not premade, 100% original. ive described this game as Mario Kart on steriods to my friends and the “racing” rocket only proves my point.


    This is my favorite screenshot for a few, distinct reasons.

    First, I LOVED littlebigplanet but it simply didn’t go deep enough as far as character customization. This screenshot shows just how deep the character customization options can/will go.

    Second, it shows the options to customize your own car, not only with stickers but every detail is customizable from the body of the car to the steering wheel.

    Lastly, one of my best friends just recently moved from the United States to Brazil and I convinced him to buy a PS3. He doesn’t have many games and I would love to play this game with him, not only in the beta but also the full game.

    Thanks for reading and I hope you pick me =)

    I would have to say that I am most excited about the track editing features. After spending hours upon hours in both Far Cry 2 and LBP doing map editing I am looking forward to another creative genre to play in. Let me have my code and you will see some excellent tracks – I promise!


    Being a huge fan of Forza Motorsport, I am most excited for the painting features. I’ve spent a ton of time creating designs in Forza, and can’t wait to do the same for ModNation Racers.

    I can’t wait to make my own racer! I love character creators and from what I have seen of this game so far it is going to be awesome!

    Flying over a jump at top speeds and looking into the sun. Mr Gogglehead isn’t our smartest Modnation Racer.


    There is nothing like the weaponry to knock your oppenent out. I will be dealing out damage with the rockets and whatever other arsenal they muster up. I hope there are childish goofy weapons as well. Plus the dude with what looks like nails in his head is awesome.

    This is the first kart game I’ve seen where you can actually create your own maps. I’m excited to get online and play other people’s maps, because I know there are a lot of creative people out there. More importantly, I’m an architect at heart, and I personally cannot wait to start creating my own kart maps. I plan on making like, really awesome and tricky maps, and I want to experiment with what you are able to do (roller coasters, loops, ie; physical things like ramps that intersect with other ramps that have a huge jump and if you dont make it, its really a shortcut >.>)

    If I am able to get this demo, I cannot wait to start experimenting and creating maps. Please pick me, and I promise my maps are going to be AWESOME


    I loved Little big Planet and it philosophy ‘play,create and share’, thenI’ll get so much fun with this title. I choose this picture because my favourite class car are big rig(anybody say motorstorm’ series?).


    As This game is a cross of Little Big Planet and Crash Team Racing in my eyes 2 games I loved. This shows the creatvie side of it which being Little Big Planet and also it shows a shortcut on it which there were plenty of in Crash Team Racing. Crash Team Racing was my favorite PS1 game and only thing I have bought off the store so needless to say I am hyped for this game

    I chose this screenshot because it shows just how incredible and in depth the course creator in the game actually is. I am really looking forward to being able to create my own courses then race on them with friends, and I’m sure I will spend endless hours working on perfecting my created courses.

    A cyclopes racer-customisation taken to the extreme !!
    Gotta love this game a merge of LBP, Mario Kart and track creator/editor, the way things are looking so far this is going to GOTY 2010.

    I choose this photo because the glance is great. It gives the feeling of freedom to do acrobats, and everything you want, during the races and the graphics is inspirating, so the design of the track looks very good.
    It gives me the hype to bild the tracks, just like LBP’s levels, I can’t wait for this game, I want it NOW!

  26. First sorry for my bad English but I’m Italian.I chose this because this garage is equal to mine,but inside I don’t have a mini-muscle car to color every day but I only have a bicycle! XD good luck for this great game,bye from Italy


    I chose this photo because it seems the start of a race and I REALLY hope to race with my friend in the beta of this wonderful game in the next days. It also represents in a single picture a mix of features that ModNation Racers will allow us to use : track editor, car editor, character editors. It will be AMAZING! Thanks Playstation University for the beta giveaway, thanks United Front Games for making the game and thanks Sony for making Playstation and for all the games ^_^

  28. I chose this photo because my son thought the cars looked amazing, we had a good look at all of the pics and cant belive how much you can do! would be VERY GREATFUL if you would enter me in the beta giveaway. paul 24 and my son Tom 7.

  29. I chose this photo because my son thought the cars looked amazing, we had a good look at all of the pics and cant belive how much you can do! would be VERY GREATFUL if you would enter me in the beta giveaway. paul 24 and my son Tom 7.

    HOLY HELL!!!
    This alien thing or whatever looks a million times better graphically than the SACKBOY(my fav character)
    This game can be played by anyone with a brain for excitement ant creative interest.
    This is my Only reason to buy my PS3-To play a lot of PLAY,CREATE,SHARE games(my fav Genre this gen.)
    Bring on more MODNATION games devs..

  31. Screenshot number 10, because there are exactly 4 carts in that pic and that is the feature i am MOST excited about – 4 player splitscreen. Cart games are perfect for parties or the occasional friend’s visit and i lost count of how many hours we sank into Motorstorm PR. This game ranks right after GT5 in my Most Anticipated list for 2010 πŸ™‚


    What an innovative game! I just love the fact that it looks so easy to create your track but the end result looks so detailed. I have owned LittleBigPlanet since it was released and think it is an amazing game. However, I do not have the skill to create good levels. With ModNation, I believe that the creation side of things will be far more achievable for more users of the game and therefore more online circuits will be created. I have chosen this picture because it shows how easy it is to implement a hill in the circuit.

    Also, one of the factors I find that people don’t like about LittleBigPlanet is that it is not really a competitive game. It can have competitive and team-work elements in the same level and this becomes somewhat confusing for the player and renders finishing a particular level pointless. However, Modnation Racers does not have this problem. Every level is competitive and it has one clear goal, to finish 1st and humiliate your opponents! This competitive style of play together with the amazing circuit creation must make this game a winner and will no double have a long life span with the release of DLC. Can’t wait to buy it!


    I chose this picture because it shows that play create share works with everything. You also have the ability to make your own car! This game is going to be awesome!!!!


    This image is very nice and fun because it shows how the game there will be bonuses to hinder the enemy, destroy them or simply annoy them for fun. During the game will be really beautiful and have them chase the enemy literally blown up and solved.

    This image I find it simply fantastic! We can create an infinite number of cars, and for players!
    Another great thing is that the tracks are completely customizable, playing with our friends in frantic races!

    This image is very beautiful… This game is very very nice…

    I choose this picture because seems to me the best way to display what i hope will be the spirit of the game: fun, speed and great jump with a lot of humour, i think it will be good specialy for spending a lot of time online playing with friends. For me it’s one of the most anticipated game of the 2010 and I hope I could have 1 beta key.

    i loce this screenshot because 1) i looked beautiful with the background and every. 2)i love to play games 3) i have a few games so this would be fun to play. 4)I wanna Try out the level and person creater so fun. 5) PLEASE CHOOSE ME!

    I choose this screenshot because I love cars!! I buy this game and it will be the game of the year 2010

    I chose this picture because I am really looking forward to the character creation and creation in general in ModNation Racers. The thought of having almost unlimited stickers with any colour you would want – at all! Is mind-boggling. I can’t wait to make characters like “The Stig”, Schumacer.

    one of my favorite things to do in games i create and customize but i’m not all that good which is why i love how simple it looks in modnation racers. i remember in the E3 showcase they mentioned that all you have to do to finish the track was go back to the gate which got me even more excited because i figured we’d have to line it up ourselves. i wonder what else they put in there to make create more simple.
    i hope i find out with a beta code


    This picture shows what you can do, and what the PS3 can do.
    It is kind of relaxing looking at this picture, and imagine what others can do!
    Simply like LitlleBigPlanet, fantastic and the possibilities are endless.

  43. i chose this picture cause i wanna fly like that in game boy this game will be fun cant wait for it

  44. Carlon Blackwell December 16, 2009 @ 13:15

    Hello, I’m A 36 year old proud father of two kids (boy 11 and daughter 7) . I’ve been a gamer since pong. I chose this pic because it captures the fun my family and I hope to have playing this game (I don’t know who would win out of my son and I but thats definitely my daughter in Third place.) Its so hard to find games girls and the whole family can play, which is why love Little Big Planet (LBP). When we heard of this game at E3 I smiled because I know my family and I will love this game too! The picture just reminds me of the laughter my wife and I have heard throughout the house that LBP brought us. This beta would be perfect timing since school lets out for the holidays this weekend. Wow they would be very surprised and happy if I asked them to boot up the PS3 and they see this game on the list. We were in LBP beta and it was the first game my duaghter liked (She loves the customization and MNR seems to offer just as much). The ended up getting LBP for Christmas last year.

    When I was a child my Father worked alot and didn’t have much time to play videogames with my brother and I. Its games like ModNation Racers and my posted screenshot that makes me happy to be a parent gamer making fun memories with my kids. Thanks guys and I hope you select the Blackwell family as one of your Beta reciprocants, we’ll put it to good use. *After we see Avatar of course.
    C. Blackwell
    PSN: MonkeyHerow


    I chose this, beacuse there is more player on it and I played/ing LittleBigPlanet with my two sister. (Otherwise its not really fun alone for me)
    I also liked level creating so one of the level creat pictured would be my other picture if I could chose more πŸ™‚


    PS.: Sorry for my bad English

    Gives a nice glimps of the track editor and some of its options. Can’t wait to play around with it.


    I selected this image mainly due to the fact alot of people will be using it, and its the games core element.., but this is the reason i want this game. Wether I make a quick runner or an in depth copy of a track i know and love.
    The count down for MNR has begun.
    [plus i really want that beta ; ) ]

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