ModNation Racers Beta Code Giveaway

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On December 18th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to redeem a code on the PlayStation Network allowing them to download the public beta for ModNation Racers. Since its unveiling at E3 2009, ModNation Racers quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of the entire show. Mixing the Play. Create. Share. genre with the fun racing style of cart racing, United Front Games displayed a title that should bring families together and creative minds out of the woodshed much like LittleBigPlanet has.

There are a couple of ways you could have landed one of these limited beta codes. One way was to purchase a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 while the other was to sign up on an official Sony website and pray that you were selected. However, thanks to ModNation Racers Community Manager, Russell Ramone, MNR fanatics can now get their grubby little hands on a beta code right here at PlayStation University!

That’s right — We have tons upon tons of codes to give away and we’ll be running the contest until December 17th at 11:59 PM CST. At that time, all codes will start to be emailed to the winners to enjoy when they wake up on the 18th (most will probably enjoy it after skipping work to check out Avatar though, right? Lol).

How to enter for a code is easy and takes 2-3 steps.

1. Go check out our ModNation Racers screenshot gallery and pick your favorite screenshot.

2. Link to it in your comment below.

3. Let us know why it’s your favorite screenshot or why you’re anticipating that portion of the game.

Winners will NOT be chosen at random. Winners will be chosen based upon your answers and how they appeal to us!

If you’re looking to win other free stuff here on PlayStation University, be sure to check out our User’s Choice Awards for the chance to enter and win games, DVDs and CDs!

Good luck to all!

Readers Comments (50)

    Has to be that one as it reminds me of the awesome Wii game Excite Truck, with the amazing air time you can get. I loved the frantic, yet fun gameplay that it offered, and I hope that MNR replicates just a fraction of the joy that game game me


    This photo shows the sheer amount of epic awesomeness that you can create with this game. The ability to customize almost every aspect of the game, from the characters, to the vehicles, to the tracks, landscapes, backgrounds, and even time of day, really has me excited. I can’t wait to make some tracks and let my kids try them – it invokes memories of the first time I played MarioKart on the SNES!

    Look, ma…no hands!
    Hells yeah. I’ve been waiting to try this game out since I heard about it.
    I want pull out some sick tricks while flying through the air like dud in the picture. Let’s see how much air we can get.
    This is going to be a good game for my son and I to play. He’s only 4 and there’s not many great games that fall into that category on PS3.
    I hope the demo is great.

  4. Me and my son are going to have so much fun with this game. I’ts difficult to choose a screenshot because there is a lot of features that looks interesting. But this actually sums up the game’s huge customization level (much to my sons appreciation):


    I like this because it shows the ability to fully customize the characters and the rest of the game’s features.

    I have been keeping track of Mod Nation Racers since day one. Not only am I a huge racing fan, but I love kart racing games. I remember Crash Team Racing back on the Playstation One and how many late nights I stayed up playing it. And I have hoped for and anticipated another kart racing game for some time now! And when Mod Nation Racing was announced, I was thrilled! The screenshot above captures the many parts of the game I am extremely excited about: 1) The creative customizable carts and characters, 2) the beautiful locations (which can be created from scratch!), and the competitiveness of racing! I cannot wait for this game!


    I Would easily choose this image because it shows the full capability of the customization of this game.

  8. I can’t wait to play this game. It reminds me so much of mario kart with the weapons and stuff. Being able to create your own track is the coolest thing.


    just looking at the characters ,cars, tracks, etc… shows that customization is only limited to your imagination.

    that is the funniest created character I have ever seen and it shows that the customization in this game is off the charts.

    This is my favorite screenshot because now i know you can make a alien and that shows the customization in this great game and i like the background.

  12. BeenThereDoneThat December 15, 2009 @ 15:38

    I’ve owned every “create your own” game (RPG, Fighter Maker, LBP, etc) and this is exactly what I’ve been waiting for..for YEARS!!! Racing games are my favorite genre. Please hurry and finish it, I can hardly wait. The fun factor is going to be HUGE!

    I like this pic because It’s exactly what I would have if I was rich…my very own track. Whanna race?”


    The Mexican wrestler in this sreenshot keeps reminding me of Nacho libre…lmao i kept thinking jack black is gonna jump out of somewhere.


    Next-gen kart racing. Smooth, and beautiful. Nothing more that needs to be said.

  15. i realy like this one because of all the detail they have in the car the little scull on the hood the breathing vents on the side. words on the weels and mufflers on the side. even the room looks like that isnt the first car it has gone through there is paint splattered on the wall and stickers and props everywere… that is why i like this on the most 🙂

  16. barry retmanski December 15, 2009 @ 15:40

    hi i liked this pic the best… though they all look great, i feel this pic shows that although the game isnt about flashy graphics, it still does hold its own really well. ok now i have to tell you my sob story lol, ive never made it into a beta before and it breaks mt heart a little bit every time…. (come ahhhhhhhhhhh) so please this christmas make a little boy very happy (im only cough 28 cough). i would go on about my kids too but it seems the guys above me have taken that ploy already lmao. anyway please please please gimme a code. in return i will love you always!

  17. My favorite screen shot is the last one because it looks slick you know, almost like a wallpaper ( come to think of it I will put it as mine XD) it also shows how cool the graphics are you know !
    I am anticipating this release because i am a big fan of little big planet and this is kinda like that but kart racing ! ( big mario kart fan too ! so yea ! xD)
    Link to the pic

    This screen shot says it all…IN YOUR FACE KART ACTION!! There hasn’t been a good kart game in a while and never one that let you create your own tracks and characters AND karts! Look at the level of detail of the track..It’s cluttered with castles and trees and beautiful textures..not to forget about the kart and driver they are very fun to look at and they look beautiful. I can’t wait to start making my own tracks!

    The above definitely is my favorite screen shot. Ever since I was in college I was really big into Dungeons & Dragons and Warhammer 2K. My favorite part however wasn’t actually playing the game though, it was painting the models. This screen shot just really goes to show how much freedom you are given in customizing your model. I just had a giant nerdgasm. 🙂


    This photo that shows a green character in the character maker. The first thing I will do when I get this game or get into the beta is to make a Frog racer!

    Go Go Frog Racer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    this game has everything i love
    from a similar map creator to that of far cry 2 to vehicle customization like in midnight club
    and one thing i’ve wanted since i first started playing videogames was a great kart racer on a playstation and now we have something better than i could have hoped for.
    plus more realistic weapons like rockets and whatnot
    this is gonna be great
    i Really want one of those codes. please


    To me, this is the best screenshot because it shows a near blank canvas. Something I couldn’t wait to get my hands on in LittleBigPlanet and now equally can not wait to get my hands on in Modnation Racers. While personally I can’t wait to create original tracks (such as a race through my living room) I am also desperate to play remakes of other kart-racing tracks (my favourite racing genre) be in a Mario Rainbow road or a Crash “Cove” Bandicoot.

    There are about 100 keys on a keyboard and just look at how many different songs there are. Now think about how many different options there are in a Play, Create, Share game and just imagine how many tracks we’ll have =p

    Unlimited content FTW!


    A clean slate, an empty template. The silver platter upon which your imagination is free to run wild with countless hours of customisation with variations of different costumes and details to truly make your character as unique as your are, to be followed by more customisation with your Karts and Tracks. This is the perfect snapshot to flag the beginning of a fun and endless game. Only on PlayStation 3!

  24. Type your message here…

  25. http://www.playstationuniversity I choosed this picture because i liked Mario Kart and this reminded me of getting a Mushroom and boosting and becomming first. I hope the game would be great.!

  26. This is my favorite pic because in this picture you feel how intense this game will be this is probably the game i want the most other than god of war 3 to me this game is like dream come true because i love to create and race

    This is my choice because I am so excited for the creation aspect. The epic vista also makes me think that anything could happen here. Cant wait to start building.


    I loved the style of the vinyl characters, and i loved the idea of a kart game based ON SKILL rather on LUCK, i read a preview and the journalist was saying that modnation racers is a game of abilly, as i am a kart racer fan, i aways tought that kart games needed to be more about technic and not luck!! PLEASE i dying to play this game! tnkssss


    I love this picture because not only are they getting extreme air, but the two characters are looking at the one doing the stunt which is a pretty cool little feature that I like that adds to the atmosphere. Not only that, but the guy in the back looks like a grizzled war veteran which would be my character since I’m ex-military. The guy in front also looks awesome since he matches his car with that purple and yellow color scheme.

    Just an awesome picture with a lot of little details.

  30. Looking at this picture, I can just imagine the thrill i’m going to get when I play the game. It reminds me of a modern day Mario Kart mixed with the LittleBigPlanet’s customization and ‘Play.Create.Share’ idea. I have a feeling it’s gonna be more popular than LBP because it seems less restrictive and allows a lot more customization. The character designs are really funny! I know I’m gonna have a lot of fun with ModNation Racers 🙂


    I chose this screenshot because it showcases the sheer amount of customization the game has to offer. From the desert surrounding, the castle walls, the dusty track layout, the palm trees and the car/character customization. It just looks like sooooo much fun!


    This reminds me of my ex-wife, right after a fried her liver in chiante…. do you see?

    While many games have shown deep exicting character customization such as LBP, Dragon Age Origins, and City of Heroes; however, Mod Nation Racers seems to have top them all in the vast options you can choose from to build your very unique looking racer with the right amount of imagination. Customization within MNR (Mod Nation Racers) is what I look forward to within next few years of its release into other creative consumers who will in fact tincker at this lone option for quite some time.

  34. I love! this image because its an intense screen shot not because his missle says MOD Racing on it. But because that guy has NAILS for hair!!!! Thats pretty hardcore i love the humour of the character custimisation. Man my friends will be so jealous if i got the beta and my little brother loves LBP and mario kart wii. so plz plz plz gimme the beta

  35. Well, I’m a 38yrs old, who is growing gray hair at an alarming rate. My job as a laborer leaves me being sore and stressed often. This game makes me feel a little gushy inside with anticipation, of playing it. I choose this picture cause it reminds me of the little alien boy ,in the movie Enemy Mines. I too also like a chance feel young, even though I’m only 38, but my body/mind feels otherwise. Thx , good luck to everyone and MERRY CHRISTMAS


    This screenshot shows most of the things that will make of this an instant classic:
    1) The LBP like customization level
    2) Great graphics
    3) An most important, very fun to play!


    i just cant wait to get my hands on the level editor, tweaking every piece of the track til its perfect, just imagine what we can do with it, recreate some really famous tracks or just create a completely mental one, the possibilities are endless and its personally my most anticipated game of 2010

  38. Screenshot 17 ( Is my personal favourite. It shows how intuitive and versatile the track editor. Which for me is exciting, mainly because it means that even a “noob” like me can make a half decent track. Which is great because the LBP level editior scared the hell out of me, which meant I missed out on half the fun.

  39. Gray-Fillabuster December 15, 2009 @ 17:39

    Truly the best example of customization in ModNation Racers. Some games have mouths put on, or eyes, or clothes. MNR literally gives you a blank slate and by doing so, tells you that your imagination is the only limit.
    And as we all know, character customization is only the tip of the iceberg, but it is a great way to start off the game. “This is YOUR game! You create it!”

    Finally a kart racer where I can create my own tracks! I am pumped!
    PS. Thanks PS Uni.


    I love this screenshot because of the devious smile the monster dude has while the rocket blasts ahead of him to terrorize his opponents. The possibilities to create awesome customizable characters and use crazy power ups are what have me really excited for this game!

  41. Why I like this SS. Because it represent me, not in the lead and having road rage.
    Why I’m anticipating that portion of the game. So I can win, cause I’m not that good of a driver, nor am I a good shot. So having weapons and being able to shoot two rockets instead of one gives me a better chance of winning.
    Good luck to all and thanks PSU Dave for giving us this chance.

    This screenshot stands out to me because it displays the depth and vast possibilities the ModNation Racers customization system provides when designing a vehicle. I am extremely interested in seeing how the system works and would be thrilled to be able to try it out first-hand so I can show off some of my creativity.


    Why I like this SS. Because it represent me, not in the lead and having road rage.
    Why I’m anticipating that portion of the game. So I can win, cause I’m not that good of a driver, nor am I a good shot. So having weapons and being able to shoot two rockets instead of one gives me a better chance of winning.
    Good luck to all and thanks PSU Dave for giving us this chance.
    Sorry I didn’t do the first one right.


    i like this photo as its massive. this is the only way to describe it, massive., massive jumps, massive fun. boost on successful landing, extra weapon level up maybe.>?
    i want this beta code more than i want to recycle all mario kart game karts and cd’s into packaging modnation, in fresh cellophane mmmmm, bring the 28th of February , – edit>>28th??;” its game on!!!!!

    This picture is my favorite since I love customization. I probably spent hours just customizing Sackboy and my levels in Little Big Planet. Plus at the bottom right it says 45 which I am assuming means there are at least 45 wheels in the game. And then I realized that the 45 number is just for the different wheels. I just can’t imagine how many other thing I can customize in my car. (but from the looks of it you can customize seats, bumper, driving wheel and something else) I really can’t wait for this game to come out so I can build some Mario Kart levels on there. Thanks for reading!!


    ahah this shot gives me epic Crash Team Racing vibes, this game in offline/online co-op during christmas will be pretty fun!


    I like this one because it reminds me of Big Wheels, those were awesome as a kid.

    Picked this one because I’m looking forward to blowing other cars up. I’ve been looking forward to a good kart racing game on the ps3, hopefully this is the game.


    I can’t believe all the freedom the developer gave with this game, it’s an outstanding feature that I’ll will love to use, I mean really, my first 30 (and more if I manage to get my hands on a code) minutes with the game will be build my favourite gaming characters! I’d love to try making a Helgast soldier!

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity Playstation University, you’re in my netvibes now ;D

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