ModNation Racers Beta Code Giveaway

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On December 18th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to redeem a code on the PlayStation Network allowing them to download the public beta for ModNation Racers. Since its unveiling at E3 2009, ModNation Racers quickly became one of the most anticipated titles of the entire show. Mixing the Play. Create. Share. genre with the fun racing style of cart racing, United Front Games displayed a title that should bring families together and creative minds out of the woodshed much like LittleBigPlanet has.

There are a couple of ways you could have landed one of these limited beta codes. One way was to purchase a copy of the Game of the Year edition of LittleBigPlanet for PlayStation 3 while the other was to sign up on an official Sony website and pray that you were selected. However, thanks to ModNation Racers Community Manager, Russell Ramone, MNR fanatics can now get their grubby little hands on a beta code right here at PlayStation University!

That’s right — We have tons upon tons of codes to give away and we’ll be running the contest until December 17th at 11:59 PM CST. At that time, all codes will start to be emailed to the winners to enjoy when they wake up on the 18th (most will probably enjoy it after skipping work to check out Avatar though, right? Lol).

How to enter for a code is easy and takes 2-3 steps.

1. Go check out our ModNation Racers screenshot gallery and pick your favorite screenshot.

2. Link to it in your comment below.

3. Let us know why it’s your favorite screenshot or why you’re anticipating that portion of the game.

Winners will NOT be chosen at random. Winners will be chosen based upon your answers and how they appeal to us!

If you’re looking to win other free stuff here on PlayStation University, be sure to check out our User’s Choice Awards for the chance to enter and win games, DVDs and CDs!

Good luck to all!

Readers Comments (50)

    Come on you know the guy who’s in first place is like screw it being first sucks i just got hit by a noob who’s in 8th place. Customization is cool. And assuming it has 8 player online with blue tooth it’ll be an awesome experience. And ability to make your level and create a kart. Go noob missile!!!


    Demented little people racing cars with weaponry through out a crazy world, not much more to other than awesome!


    Little Big Planet meets Mario Kart. What more is there to say besides:
    Little Big Kart πŸ˜›


    I love this photo because My brother and I are extremely excited about how Modnation Racers allows you to build your own track. money is a little tight, and with my brother gone all most all the time, we barley have time to see eachother. Though, since he is coming home for the holidays, i wanted to make a track dedicated to him. So he can race it and then grade it. I simply love making things, and with this game, i can finally unleash my full imagination. It might be the only time where we can play a game together and we wanted to test it so we could find out if it’s worth buying. This picture is definetly my favorite.


    This guy just looks Badass I mean he only got one freakin eye with vines and stuff coming out


    I chose this screenshot because of how ridiculously high that jump is.

    Also, the character appears to have a stick of dynamite stuck in his helmet, which is pretty awesome.


    This photo is my favorite because i’m a big alien fan. it’d be so cool to race around as an alien. That and the fact that i fell into a lake of moss or algea, and came out looking excatly like this character and with the same facial expression. yeah, pretty sweet.


    haha, My Grandpa still has this car. He has to go to a retirment home so it’d be cool to get a beta and to make that car and him as the driver before he leaves. hahaha, that would be a great christmas gift!


    This is my favorite pic because it showcases the lovable art style of the character looks, the gameplay looks pretty intense and overall I am more excited about this than I was about LBP. The graphics look quite good aswell and that pic specifically makes me want to play the beta NOW!!! yeah so I would like a beta haha. Thanks !!


    This pic is my favorite (it was like picking a favorite child they are all great) because i absolutely love customizing things like in LBP. This pic shows how much detail you can put into making a character. Not to mention the pages upon pages of other options available in the “popit” type thing. Besides aliens that drive go karts are pretty cool if i don’t say so my self!

  11. What can I say? I like to keep it classy and luxurious, while at the same time be able to go offroading if I can. This game looks like its gonna be a bit more fun for us “gear-heads” with the ability to customize.

  12. Edward (Lostdeadmonkey) Watters December 17, 2009 @ 07:34
    Not only can I make my own tracks, I can create my little buddy as well. It’s LittleBigPlanet+MarioKart+GT5, it gets no better.


    beatiful screen, very beatiful track, it looks so crazy and funny,we wait it very much.. “saluti” from italy


    I see a crazy little racer with a dynamite stick in his goggles doing a windshield stand. And the view is beautiful too.


    I love this because shows the great graphics of the game


    modnation racers will be awesome, just look at that missile, can’t even imagine the other weapons πŸ™‚

    This guy is one removed star away from winning a Yoda look alike contest. This can mean only one thing, Modnation Racers will be the place where Kermit the Frog and Yoda can duke it out to decide who is the best green anthropomorphic puppet.


    i love this pic because it shows how great modnation’s track customization gonna be. it really is gonna be the lbp of kart racing

    The track has an oriental style similar which can be found in the country where I was born: Morocco πŸ™‚

    It’s the best pic for me because i like jumping really high. uoooooo hoooo !!!!


    Picked this one because I love the Idea of User Created Maps. This means endless gameplay and endless possibilities. In my opinion, games that give your the option to create your own stuff and share it online with other people are the best games. I’m really excited to be able to create my own tracks to play. I have an awesome imagination and I really want to show people. The graphics are very nice and the gameplay looks very good as well. I really can’t wait for the game. Plus, I also love the idea of customizable cars and Racers. Uniqueness is a big part of this game!


    I like this one as it shows a variety of characters and vehicles and gives a feel for the extensive customisation options available in game. Love all the colours as this is one of the things that makes this game so great to look at.


    I love doing stunt jumps in racing games, particulary Burnout Paradise. They give you a wonderful thrill in the process of doing one.

  24. It was just way too hard to pick from this selection. This game looks awesome in every way. Just the fact that its basically LittleBigPlanet on wheels is enough for me. Me+Wheels=HappyDrivinCamper.


    I picked this screenshot because it shows the absolutely amazing track editor in action! As a kid growing up I always dreamed of how awesome it would be for a first class kart-racing game to have a track editor.. it took awhile but it looks like my childhood dream has come true! I hope I get picked so I don’t have to wait any longer to give this a try!

    Thanks PlayStation University!

  26. Type your message here…

  27. I chose this screenshot because I find the game characters extremely cute. I am a girl gamer that loves racing games. I can’t wait to make my own girl chatacter and kick all your a**e* online. As girls game too and we should be represented in the beta.

    It shows How Awesome This Game Will Be. I Like How The Graphics Looks Very Smooth. The ability to create stuff just makes it look even better. im starting to love this game MORE & MORE as i look at it on the internet I Cant wait to try it because it looks like it may be one of the best games of the year. CANT WAIT!


    Big airs, great visuals, speed, lot of fun, with the limit being my own imagination and not only mine, but all the imagination of the whole community together

  30. I chose this screenshot because it is the best one from the ones provided. It shows how beautiful the game is and how much fun one can have. Plus, the character is cute.


    This picture is DEFINITELY the best! It gets me SO PUMPED for this game! Of course, I’m really excited about all of the customization aspects of the game. Being able to make your own track so easily leaves endless possibilities and infinite replay value. I also love being able to pimp my ride and make my kart racer look real badass so that when I pwn the competition (or accidentally blow myself up with a rocket), they’ll remember me =D

    But the reason I like this picture so much is because it’s an action shot of the core of the game, THE ACTUAL RACING! I feel like people are very absorbed in the customization (which isn’t a bad thing) but we can’t forget that the best part of the game is going to be burning rubber on the streets and drifting around those hairpin corners that we created! I can’t wait until february!!! (hopefully tomorrow!!!!!)


    Sheer awesomeness. A guy with nails in his head shooting a rocket, what isn’t cool about that?

  33. is my favourite due to the fact that it looks absolutely stunning the cars the drivers and the race track design is flawless it will knock mario kart off the map just cant wait to get my hands on it.


    Just look at that, it’s beautifull. Only the PS3 can achieve these kinds of results, the PS3 is very diverse, and this new Play Create Share experiance is great with Mod Nation Racers to take it to the next level, the customisation in this game is gonna be incredible, and the game will just keep on expanding, easy to use and effective tools will make this a long lasting experiance, with people like myself that can edit every aspect of the track aswell. This is what games should be about, creativity and individuality will make this a unique experiance, never to forget, and that’s why i want to experiance this game for myself, and get creative.

  35. i personally like to say everyones comments have been superb

  36. Wel 1st just let me say wen i 1st seen this on E3 09 i was like i want this now…coz it just made me think of mario kart 64 for N64 and wat a gr8 game that was…and i cant wait to be able to create my own tracks…it just like no other way πŸ™‚ its just like LBP + Mario Kart put together πŸ™‚

  37. What can be better than combining Mario Kart and Little Big Planet? Can’t wait for this baby!

  38. I love the scarface like character and the car for some reason reminds me of the honda c r-x

  39. I love the scarface like character and the car for some reason reminds me of the honda cr-x
    forgot to add the pick

    The trackeditor looks very fun. πŸ˜› Nice to drive in air and the track follows you.


    I love this picture because it shows the dynamic visuals used in the game, it shows great quality and i believe that that makes a really good game. It also shows how you can race together with friends with great fun and enjoyment.
    I would like to say that I know I might not be the person who deserves this code, so please don’t pick me if you feel I haven’t tried my hardest. I would like a shot at the beta but there are also lots of others too, so make the right decision guys. Regards, Tom.


    i picked this becourse it looks crazy FUN lol something i wanna try race/create as soon as i can get my hands on this game..

  43. Willy_B_Hardigin December 18, 2009 @ 17:35

    Awesome!! He knows hes built an awesome track! look at his eyes! he’l take anyone who dares! out create him if can!!

    i would have to go with this picture because it shows some of the potential the game has. like how the map is. the really really big jump.. shows a racer in the air doing hat looks like a pose.

  45. I replied earlier on the 17th, but forgot to post the screenshot.

    What can I say? I like to keep it classy and luxurious, while at the same time be able to go offroading if I can. This game looks like its gonna be a bit more fun for us β€œgear-heads” with the ability to customize.

    This photo tells about what the whole game is about. Play. Create. and Share. Creating levels will be so fun in this game

  47. the power ups of mario meet the buliding of sharing of little big planet

    power ups of mario meet building and sharing of little big planet

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